Our Origin

We can not find a better way to launch our blog than with OUR ORIGIN, remembering the people and the moment when everything started ...

50 years ago….

"That July 21 was marked in our minds by some important events. We arrived in Lires, the astronauts also stepped on the moon for the first time. The next day Prince D. Juan Carlos was named future king of Spain.

For the world this was a historical event, for us it increases its value by adding it to our own history.

We lived in Valladolid, someone told us about a farmhouse that in collaboration with Information and Tourism was offered to spend a great vacation sharing a family life with the owners of the house.

We decided to write to Lires. We got in touch with D. Lorenzo, the priest who treated us with all the cordiality, informing us of what there was there. In his letter he told us: We did not know more.

We got to Lires a bit confused, not knowing where we were going to spend 4 or 5 days or so, but those people that we did not know anything about, got so into our lives in such a way that they could not get out of they.

D. Lorenzo took us to Raúl and María's house, some wonderful people who gave themselves up without barriers, and those few days that we thought we would spend in Lires, that little town that did not come on the map became three weeks, the maximum we could Missing our work.

That was the beginning of a long history that lasts 25 long years. Our friendship has been growing and our families too. Now we are not the only ones who come to Lires to share our vacations with Raúl and María, now they are also their children and our children, their grandchildren and our grandchildren.

Now they are also our brothers and their children and lots of friends who have been carried away by our councils attracted by our happy and beautiful testimonies that we live in Lires year after year.

Now Lires is no longer that small town that did not come on the map. Now Lires come on the map and, moreover, is in the minds of many people who live in almost all of Spain with the illusion of spending a vacation in this beautiful land that attracts like a magnet those who like to enjoy nature.

For those of the place we are the grandparents tourists of the town and it is true, because we were the first ones that we summered in Lires, at the same time as the first astronauts arrived at the Moon 25 years ago. "

Text written by the Verdura Family on July 21, 1994

Family Verdura arriving at Casa Raúl


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