In Costa da Morte you can enjoy one of the most varied and highest quality gastronomy in the Iberian Peninsula with both meat of all kinds and sea products due to its seafaring tradition.


Barnacle is the king of gastronomy in Costa da Morte since it is here where the best barnacles in the world are born, especially in Roncudo Cape, in Corme (Ponteceso)

Razor Shell is another major product and it has got its own gastronomic feast in Fisterra.

Crabs, Spider crabs and lobsters are also famous in Costa da Morte.

Galician-style octopus with a side dish of Galician potatoes and paprika is one of the most famous dishes in our gastronomy.


Costa da Morte is not only shellfish. You can also try "caldeirada de pescado" which is a typical Galician boiled fish dish.

During summer, roasted sardines are one of the most popular dishes in our coast. They are in fact the protagonists in the festivities of Saint John, which are celebrated on the 24th of June in many towns around Costa da Morte.


Costa da Morte has got some of the finest meats in Galicia. Tripe is one of the most valued meat dishes in the region.

The Galician stew par excellence is made of shoulder of pork with turnip top, potatoes and spicy pork sausage. It is a typical dish during the winter season.

Other typical Galician dishes

Padron peppers. There's a saying in Galicia which goes as follows: "uns pican e outros non" It means that some of them are spicy while others are not. You will not know which ones are spicy and which ones are not until you try them!

Galician crepes are typical in our gastronomy, they are usually cooked during Carnival.

Galician pie is typical all around Galicia. It is very popular in parties and religious pilgrimages. It is made with different ingredients coming from different parts of Galicia.

Wines and liquors

Enjoying the different Galician wines is a great pleasure for all of those who are keen on gastronomy. In Galicia we have five different wines with designation of origin.

Coffee Liquor

It is not rare after a Galician celebration with a good meal to be offered a shot of coffee liquor.

Galician queimada

The most popular and special of Galician drinks is, without a doubt, queimada. It is made in a mud pot with moonshine, sugar and lemon peel. It is set in fire and, at the same time, it is tossed with a ladle. Then a spell is recited while the flames arise.

Gastronomic Feasts

Among the most popular gastronomic feasts you can find:

  • Feast of the elver: Celebrated in Ponteceso on Saturday during the Easter Week.
  • Feast of the pork loin. Celebrated in Brántuas (Ponteceso) during the first Saturday of June.
  • Feast of the cherry. Celebrated in Paiosaco (A Laracha) every Sunday of July.
  • Feast of the Roncudo barnacle. Celebrated in Corme (Ponteceso) every 12th of July.
  • Feast of the clam. Celebrated in Corcubión during the first Saturday of August.
  • Feast of the trout. Celebrated in Baio (Zas) during the first Sunday of August.
  • Feast of the razor shell. Celebrated in the harbour of Fisterra during the first Sunday of August.
  • Feast of the common cockle. Celebrated in Cee at the end of August.
  • Feast of the octopus. Celebrated in Sardiñeiro (Fisterra).
  • Feast of the potatoe. Celebrated in Coristanco during the third Sunday of September.
  • Feast of the bean. Celebrated in Ponteceso during the last weekend of October.
  • Feast of the Riola stew. Celebrated in Ponte do Porto (Camariñas) at the end of July.
  • Feast of the mussel. Celebrated in Corme (Ponteceso) during the first Saturday of August.
  • Feast of the Cachelada de Mallou. Celebrated in Mallou (Carnota).
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